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Anonymous asked: sorry to bother but if I got this right you are going to england to study Graphic Design, i'm 14 and i'm thinking of doing something like that. can you help me out like, what do you like best, do you think you'll be well paid? i'm just not sure yet and between being a doctor or a designer, I know that if there were no differences id be a Graphic Design but i'm scared, I torn between them and I can't stop thinking about how much would i be gaining please help me, thanks , I love your blog BTW!

Oh Hi annonymous! you’re still 14 you have plenty of time to think about what you truly love to do. I don’t recommend anyone to choose a profession only by the money. Never do it, being a doctor or a graphic have to choose what you love and not what makes the most money. By being a graphic designer you will have to rely totally in your creativity to be unique in the market and innovate ideas and projects. Please watch this video before to know more about the area: Being a doctor is a totally different job! doctors take care of people and want the best for them, you’ll have to do a lot of reading, research and study a looot and give almost all your time in the day working in hospitals or whathever option in the area you choose. Being a graphic design you’ll spend a lot of time in your desk looking at a computer and being creative drawing and using programs like photoshop, flash, illustrator etc..and also you can be a freelancer or work for a company.

I hope i could help!

enstarr-deactivated20131112 asked: Heyy, totally random, but how do you get your curls to look so nice/hydrated/perfect?

my secret is no-poo and only use water soluble and organic products. WHY? because it gives your hair all the right products and the moisturising for a LONG-TIME period. I use only natural products to hydrate it weekly (like honey, olive oil, natural oils, aloe vera, coconut, etc) and other really cheap and simple masks. 

Thats my secret, and i’ll not ever go back to shampooing my hair or using bad products who contains derivates of petroleum, paraffin, or any other kind of permanent silicone, all of this can only destroy your hair (or make it look good superficially for a short period of time, believe me!)

Once i’ve found the secret for my hair to be great, i’ll never go back to what i used to do (or not doing) before with shampoos and most of   the ridiculous products that industry sells nowadays and basically lie to the world promising that your hair will be perfect with some kind of product (the reality is that people don’t even know what they really put in these products to make your hair ‘look good’)